Cosplay costumes and Wigs on AliExpress

AliExpress offers various cosplay stuff, thousands of thematic costumes (heroes of Naruto, Itachi, Asuna, Anna Frozen, Kirito, Vampire Knight, Hinata, etc). This is a superb platform that may offer outfit of almost any character from your favorite cartoon or TV series! Convenient and enjoyable shopping with low prices and extensive choice is guaranteed.

Advantages of costumes from AliExpress

Hundreds of sellers are present on the site, and each of them aims to provide clothes of high quality and stylish design. You will be surprised by number of favorite looks and images, because every available item is characterized by:

  • Exceptional quality of fabrics, accurately sewn edges.
  • Precise replication of originals: every detail is repeated (prints, accessories, colors, garment accessories, clothes structure).
  • Fashionable and stylish form.
  • Costumes are durable, resisting to deformation, discoloration, they can be worn on regular basis, serving for years
  • Several sizes are available, buyer can find a matching item.

Popular cosplay costumes from Aliexpress

The number of items on sale is incredible! If you adore anime, realistic dresses of characters may impress you.


This costume comprises jacket and skirt, thigh-highs, belt. You can order red wig and sword separately, and find shoes on the site.


His outfit is black, includes long leather trench, skinny trousers, blue and black swords. Boots are to be found in other stores.


itachi cosplay

Famous hooded robe of looks exactly as its prototype, being made of black sikly material and adorned with red figures. Set also includes various accessories: rings, gloves, head band.


Character is popular several years in row: the costume is designed simply in orange and blue colors, complemented with head bandage. Bombers in other color variations and styles are available.


Female character from Naruto cartoon is present too: her blue outfit goes with waistband, thigh-highs, garter with gun.

Tamashiine Inoru

Set consists of multiple items: white cut-offs, black ½ length sleeve shirt, white sleeveless jacket, shoes and waistband.


His outfit is complicated and memorable: it consists of pants, shirt, jacket, green suspenders, fancy hat, necktie, badges. Costumes of famous heroes from Vampire Knight are present. Item may include couple of clothes. Sets or kits contain the entire image with shoes, bag, head wear, rest accessories.

Anna and Elsa cosplay on AliExpress

elsa cosplay

What many other buyers love is Disney cartoon characters. Their beautiful outfit looks exactly like the animated prototype. Elsa’s blue dress turns girl into a snow princess, and may be used as evening gown or outfit for ceremonial events. Image of Anna Frozen is more complex, including black and blue dress, purple cardigan, shoes.


Wonder how to recreate hairstyle of your favorite character? Then a wide row of splendid wigs present on catalogue will help you to finish your image without sacrificing natural hair, spending time. Every imaginable color and style can be found in AliExpress. To make certain this is exactly what you need, read wig reviews given above photos: you will find useful information about the item, users’ experience.

Other Costumes

Anything else? Sellers on the platform keep up with time, offering costumes of most famous characters for the moment. Thus, Joker and Harley Queen outfits can be found with sets of gloves, pants, T-shirts, other things. Pikachu costume is permanently heads Top-10 most demanded costumes, its popularity only grows.  Maid uniform is widespread around the globe: it arouses fantasy looking playful and sexy. Similar item is costume of Alice in Wonderland (blue dress with white trimming). It will look perfect on both kids and grown up girls. Male buyers will like Jedi Knight robe offered with kimono, belt.

No matter what you like: TV series, films, cartoons or video games – AliExpress can provide suit of your beloved character. This is not cosplay option simply. Such a costume can serve as splendid present for your friends, or be a suit at dress up party.

Why AliExpress?

Wonder whether cosplay stores have superb offers? AliExpress platform is major provider of outfits, it gives you opportunity to buy clothes directly from sellers, without overpaying to dealers. Another matter to prefer this site is low prices and vast choice of items. No other store has thousands variants of cosplay costumes and stuff helping to finish an image.

What else makes this online shop superior?

  • Free shipping is provided with vast majority of items, customs approve them without problems. That is why delivery time can be faster than claimed.
  • Sellers guarantee high quality of items. If a customer is not satisfied with his parcel, he may demand money return, or item re-sending.
  • Payment process is quick, safe, your payment information stays secure.
  • Costumes of different sizes are available (from XS to 4XL), children models are present, too. You can order a customizable item of your individual size.
  • Colored wigs from both synthetic materials and virgin hair can be bought, and the choice of cosplay models is extensive.
  • Purchaser can read reviews at each item. That helps to decide on a suitable size and style, giving extra information about brand.
  • User-friendly site interface, online shopping is simple and enjoyable: you can find a necessary item in few minutes.

AliExpress is the best option for purchasers from all over the world!

How to find a suitable item?

Before buying cosplay costume on AliExpress, read reviews about seller and the product: they can give a lot of information, containing real photos of received items. You may check seller’s rating. It shows how honest he is with customers, how fast parcels are sent, and whether money-back is guaranteed.


Saving on orders is easy: AliExpress grants discount coupons to customer making wholesale or multiple purchases.

No matter what character you are fond of: Anna Frozen, Naruto, Vampire Knight, Noiz, Kirito – you will find cosplay costume that imitates your favorite character and looks splendid. AliExpress is the most extensive and convenient platform when making such purchases. If you crave to be a part of cosplay culture, this store is your best guide to online shopping. The most detailed costumes and most natural-looking wigs can be found.

Cosplay costumes and Wigs on AliExpress
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