Buying Hoverboard Self Balance Scooter at Aliexpress

Buying Self balance scooter (Hoverboard) at Aliexpress

Self-balancing scooters are everywhere at the moment! The craze for these scooters has gone completely viral, millions have now been sold and tons of celebrities such as Justine Bieber and Chris Brown have both been uploading photos of them on their Instagram, Take a walk down any popular high street and you are almost certain to see someone gliding in and out of the pedestrians with one. Even the environmentalists like them as they emit no toxic fumes when being ridden around.

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What it is and how it works

These electric devices are two wheeled scooters that are self-balancing, almost like a Segway but without the handles. The speed the scooter will go varies from model to model but should be somewhere between six and ten miles per hour. The scooter has touch-sensitive pads on it, when you step on the vehicle these trigger and leaning backwards or forwards will alter the speed you are going. On your first few attempts you may feel and act like an idiot but within no time you will get to grips with it and be feeling like a pro. Running of an electric charge, when you are near the end of the battery life simply find the nearest plug socket and leave for a couple of hours, before long you are good to carry on.

Where to buy

An excellent place to buy one of these scooters is from AliExpress, they have so many to choose from and many at discount prices with free shipping.

Prices start at about $250 for a basic model with a twin 250 watt motor, and a load capacity of 130KG, you should be able to get about 15-20 kilometers from a single charge with a 2 hour charge time when you do plug it in. At the top end of the market the scooter can be bought for anything up to $1000, for this price you can expect your scooter to come with twin 500 watt motors and be able to cover up to 40 kilometers of a single charge.

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When you have found the scooter on AliExpress that matches your need then make sure you let the seller know the color you require, each scooter on the website should come with a list of the colors you can choose from.

Another good thing about purchasing through AliExpress is that often you can get cheaper prices when you buy more than one, maybe you and your child could get one each or all the guys in the office want to buy one, whatever your situation it is worth checking the discount you can get on a multiple order.

Shipping will be indicated if it is free and by which means, if it is not free shipping it will have the price next to the product as well as the expected time frame. Normal shipping times are within three to seven days of you placing your order, when looking through the options given on AliExpress so many dealers are offering free shipping there should be no real need for you to pick one that doesn’t have it included.


The reason these scooters have become so popular is because they are a really fun thing to own, children love them because they are simple to master and yet provide hours of entertainment, commuters and adults love them as they can to work quicker and offer alternatives to public transport. They are small so do not take up much space in your garage or even under your desk at school or work.

Most fads and crazes die off after a few months leaving you with a product that you will never use again that you put up down in the basement never to be seen again, these scooters are different and I cannot see this happening. With packed buses and trains there is a genuine need for people who need to get places quicker and these scooters really do fix that problem, especially with the easy storage their size affords. Even if you only use it for leisure they are so much fun and can be driven over many different terrains that you can take them out in the park, when camping or just for a trip to the shops.

Buying Hoverboard Self Balance Scooter at Aliexpress
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    A lot of manufacturers with great quality products. Fun thing to ride! Excited to have it