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To create a splendid look, one doesn’t need to visit a salon – Aliexpress hair will help to complete image. Virgin Brazilian or Peruvian wigs, bundles and extensions look natural and beautiful. Judging by reviews of numerous vendors, this is one of most popular items for girls and women who like shopping online. Sales and coupons make it cheap and available.

What is Virgin Hair?

Did you ever asked of what wigs are made? Usually, natural material is used. Black hair of Peruvian and Brazilian women is of high-quality: it is firm, elastic and easy to work with. Virgin type is not dyed or exposed to chemical affect before being cut, which is why it has solid, undamaged texture and shines. This item is perfect for extensions, bundles and other hairstyle constructions.

Virgin hair

Virgin hair

Spheres of Application

Virgin hair can be used by both professionals and amateurs. It depends on construction:

  1. Wigs are ready to wear items: textile foundation allows fixing them on a head.
  2. Bundles can be applied as a part of hairstyle, or totally replace it. Curly type serves while making professional-looking images, and don’t lose their shape.
  3. Extensions are attached to scalp with the help of special glue, or fibers, and add to initial length.

It can be dyed and cut for creating interesting hairstyles, whether on wearer, or before being attached. This is perfect solution for those who lack natural volume and length, and don’t want to use synthetic wiglets that look cheap and disheveled and have far less “lifespan”.

How to Use Aliexpress Hair?

This item is convenient in handling. Extensions are attached to textile ribbons that can be easily sewn down. Wigs have specific foundation that prevents sliding and misplacement. User just needs to fix natural hair on her head, and fix a wig quickly and accurately. Hair accessories (hairpins, bobby pins) can be used to help it stay on its place.

Bundle hair comes without anything attached to them – it is supposed to be sewn with needles and thread only. Good news: it can be used several times, helping user to save money considerably and detaching item when she wants. Note that material sold on AliExpress store in bundles is freshly cut locks: it has not been used before. On the opposite, packs sold in stores are “second-hand” variants, which mean quite poor quality.

Pros and Cons

Why is AliExpress hair is beneficial than synthetic analogues? There are minimum seven reasons to choose it:

  1. Virgin kind is 100% natural, does not cause allergy or skin irritation.
  2. It can be washed as many times as needed by different shampoo types.
  3. It can be used several times without losing quality (sewn and detached).
  4. It can be dyed and blonded, waved and conked, looking natural and healthy.
  5. Natural materials sold on AliExpress tend to serve longer than synthetic wigs and extensions looking more natural and healthier.
  6. It does not tangle or shed – difference is clear after washing unnatural and virgin material.
  7. Wigs are high-quality, and serve months or years not losing their appearance and quality.

This is great material for creating hairstyles of any type, even difficult ones. Dsadvantages exist:

  1. It is way more expensive than synthetic analogues, and is harder to find.
  2. To serve for a great while, it requires special care.
  3. Brazilian or Peruvian material is black or dark-brown, as a consequence, the range of initial natural colors is restricted – it should be dyed to get another color.
  4. After making an order on AliExpress, you need to wait from 2 weeks to several months to receive parcel.
  5. Vendors do not receive products back and do not return money if purchaser is simply not satisfied with item – this is nonreturnable.

Numerous customers’ reviews prove that such article is worth buying and wearing – this is more reliable and extravagant variant for lovers of splendid hairstyles. Its application is not restricted, and extensions and bundles allow creating non-imaginable and chic looks.

Hair Vendors:

Top 10 Hair Sellers from Aliexpress – based on number of sales and feedback

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  • For your nice hair, ,
  • Luvin hair products Co.,Ltd, ,
  • Mocha hair Products Co.,Ltd, ,
  • Xuchang Longqi Beauty Hair Products Co., Ltd., ,
  • HJ Hair Products Co.,Ltd, ,

These online shops guarantee great quality of hair extensions depending on what type of hair you actually prefer. Though many still use synthetic hair extension, a lot of users would recommend that you buy authentic human hair because not only it looks more natural but it also lasts longer than synthetic hairs.

Have you been thoroughly informed and educated? Find the best kind of hair extension out there for you. I’m sure that not only it would look so great on you but will boost your confidence to stand out on the crowd looking more gorgeous than ever.



Why Choosing AliExpress Store?

Lots of traders offer virgin material both in stores and in Net. Why AliExpress is an optimal online shopping platform?

Prices on this site are lower than anywhere else. You can find variants cheaper than $10, and with free shipping. No other store provides such an available offer and many sales! And if purchaser has special AliExpress coupons, he will save even more money.

As there are tens, if not hundreds of traders, choice is wide. Wigs, extensions and bundles of different colors and of various length variations are available. Hundreds of relevant items from this list have thousands of reviews with photos and recommendations, making shopping even smarter.

If an item was not shipped, or it has been damaged, money-back is guaranteed. AliExpress is reliable platform where sellers are verified with all their offers.

How Long It Lasts?

Natural virgin material can be worn during several months, if shampooed and combed carefully. Main condition to last long is correct fixing: it should be sewn by professional with the help of needles and fibers. It should not be dried and dyed many times that damages structure. Wigs are supposed to be washed rarely, but can be combed as many times as needed.

Today, virgin hair is reasonable option for women who crave to have pouf updo that looks healthy and natural. Wigs, extensions and bundles sold on AliExpress are of good quality, and are available variants on Net at the moment. Using coupons, purchaser can buy set of bundles costing less than $10. Some vendors make discounts on wholesale purchases on AliExpress.

Numerous reviews show that this is a versatile and safe variant for both styles created in salons, and self-made comb-outs. Brazilian and Peruvian material can be used while making anything on your head. It will look expensive and magnificent, with its ideal structure and rich color. If you make a purchase today, within several days you will enjoy your new image and splendid hairstyle that really lasts long.

AliExpress Hair
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